First Time for Everything

The note on her steering wheel was the first thing she noticed as she climbed into her car on her way to work. "I Love You...I hope this day is wonderful for you, darling," followed by his name was all it said. Smiling, she folded the note, tucking it between her breasts so she could have it with her all day long, close to her heart. Putting the car in gear, she pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street. It was going to be a wonderful day, indeed, with a start like this.

When she arrived at work, it was busy as usual. She got her coffee and headed for her desk, psyching herself for the day ahead. She began going through her in-basket and four items down, she found it. A pink envelope with her name written on it in a familiar hand. Opening it, she found a card, two lovers in an embrace on the front, sharing a kiss. Inside he had written, "You have given me more love than I had ever thought possible to receive...I need you..." again followed by his name. Her heart raced as she read this. She thought of all the love he had given her as well, and how those sentiments echoed hers...she began to get moist, in spite of herself. How was she ever going to get through the day without him?

As she logged onto her computer, the envelope in the corner flashed, indicating she had mail. "I want you...more than I ever ways we've never explored...thank you for loving me, my darling...thank you for making all my dreams come true...thank you for just being you..." It was unsigned, but didn't need to be. The sender's address was his. Her mind raced, yet was numb, feeling as though she had just had a couple of glasses of fine wine. Her desire for him grew with each new surprise. Her dampness penetrated her panties.

The roses arrived at 11:00. A dozen long stemmed red ones, in the most beautiful blue vase she had ever seen, blown glass with such exquisite curves. The note said simply, "Red roses signify passion...Tonight they will pale in comparison...I Love You." She shifted in her chair, rubbing her thighs together, inflaming her desire as she tried to quell it. Thoughts of him touching her overwhelmed her. Thoughts of his tongue and fingers relieving the burning passion she was feeling overtook her. Locking the door and returning to her chair, she gave into the urge to touch herself, temporarily relieving the pent up ache inside of her, yet increasing, ten fold, her wanting for him.

At two o'clock, the courier arrived at the reception area, asking for her. Rising from her desk, she went to him, signing for the small manila envelope he held in his hand. Returning to her office, she opened it, dumping the contents on her desk...a key and a note. Taking the key in her hand, caressing it as she read, "Hotel Hampton, 6:00pm...God, I want you so badly...I'm hard for you already". That was it, there was no way she could continue working today. Giving an excuse of illness, she left for the day, returning to her house.

She drew a long bath and relaxed in it, as much as she could considering her anticipation. The rose oil she had added to it was wonderfully relaxing and she drifted off in wonder at what might happen this evening. They shared a rare love, their sex life was great, but there WAS something that her husband had been wanting to try that she was hesitant about...hmmmm, maybe tonight, she thought, with a mixture of anticipation and hesitation.

She dressed in her sexiest outfit. A cocktail dress that ended some four inches above the knee, with a bodice that showed her cleavage to nice advantage. She wore only black stockings and a black garter belt underneath. She knew how sexy her husband thought this was, but beyond that, it made her FEEL incredibly sexy as well...almost wanton, which by coincidence, she was at this moment.

It was only four o'clock now, but she couldn't just sit around the house. She decided to just drive, maybe stop in the lounge of the hotel for a drink before the appointed hour. As she climbed back into her car, her skirt rose above the tops of her stockings, giving whoever might be looking a flash of her creamy thighs. Normally she would have been embarrassed by that, but now, she was almost hoping someone had been watching her. She wondered, if the angle had been right, if they might have gotten a brief glance at her naked pussy also. The thought made her immediately wet again. Closing the door, she noticed the note. "I'm glad you couldn't don't need to...I'm waiting for you."

Entering the hotel lobby, she saw him. Conservative business suit, power tie, very professional. She wondered if the women he worked with fantasized about him, imagining what she knew, what an incredibly romantic wonderful lover he was, or if they just thought he was a 'nice guy'. She crossed the lobby, reaching up to embrace him. Her kiss was tender, neither of them were comfortable with extreme displays of affection, yet both knew of the fire burning within each other.

"I missed you, darling," he whispered in her ear.

"I could tell," she giggled, pressing her hips against his erection. "I've missed you, too," she whispered back to him.

Taking her hand, he led her to the bank of elevators. Since the hour was early, they had a car to themselves, and as soon as the doors closed, they embraced each other again, not the conservative embrace that the public would witness, but the passionate embrace reserved only for lovers. Their tongues and hands searched each other in the short time allotted by such rides. Her hand covered and squeezed his hardness through his pants, his hand slid to the hem of her dress, sliding underneath and up along her leg, finding the tops of her stockings, her garter belt, her naked ass. He squeezed and massaged it as his hardness increased under her touch. He could see her nakedness in the mirrors surrounding the car, which only added to his excitement.

All too soon, they reached their floor, and as the door opened, nobody would have been the wiser. They walked, hand in hand, to their door. As they opened it, he scooped her up into his arms as a groom would do to his bride. Missing the bottom of her skirt, it fell open, exposing her stockings, thighs and pussy to the open hallway. Did that man walking down toward his room see, she wondered.

Crossing the threshold, her arms wrapped around his neck, she kissed him deeply once again, her tongue mingling with his, searching, exploring as deeply as possible within him. He gently set her back down to her feet, as her eyes took in the room. The large, four poster king sized bed, the large bouquet of flowers on the table, the bottle of champagne chilling in the ice bucket...right next to the Jacuzzi in the bay window that overlooked the harbor. The water was steaming, and the jets were running, producing a slightly frothy cover to the hot water, the smell of jasmine filling the room.

He turned her toward the window and slowly unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor as he kissed her neck, her shoulders, her arms. Her intake of breath told him how ready she was, but this was not to be rushed. She turned and melted into his arms, his long deep kiss.

Stepping back, she loosened his tie, slowly unbuttoned his shirt as her mouth went to his chest, kissing every new inch of skin she exposed. Her mouth lingered on his nipples, sucking, biting, as her hand reached for his belt. As she loosened it, her hand entered the top of his slacks. He wore no underware and her hand met the slick shiny tip of his cock at once. She raised her finger to her lips, tasting the drop of pre cum that had wet her fingertips, looking into his eyes and moaning her approval of his flavor. Kneeling to pull his slacks to the floor, her tongue darted out, licking his tip, along the underside of his cock, circling his balls, taking them individually into her mouth. The involuntary thrust of his hips spoke volumes.

Reaching down, he held her shoulders gently, raising her to her feet, his hardened cock touching her belly as she stood, leaving a drop which slowly ran down toward her inflamed pussy. He knelt, licking the drop from her as he deftly unclasped the garter from each stocking and rolled them slowly down her legs. He easily unclasped the belt and it, too, fell to the floor amid the rest of their clothes. His tongue worked it's way up along her calf, up the inside of her thigh as she willingly parted her legs, allowing him access to her most vulnerable parts. Her hands went to his head, guiding, encouraging as his tongue touched her wetness, slowly, easily, moving through her folds, entering her briefly them moving on to the hard bud of her clit. Her moans were loud as he ministered to her hardness and upon climax she thrust her hips toward his loving mouth as her hands pressed him tighter against her.

He turned her slowly, kissing her smooth ass as she did...gentle kisses, along the sides, over the top, down along the other side. His tongue ran around the crease as his hands gently spread her cheeks. His tongue circled her rosebud in ever decreasing circles until it was squarely upon it. As he applied a slight pressure to it, she inhaled sharply, but did not pull away. His tongue entered ever so slightly and still she did not pull away. He withdrew and fluttered the tip of his tongue against her anus, sending shivers along her spine that she would never have associated with this action, but her desire for him continued unabated, overshadowing her trepidation.

Standing, he led her to the Jacuzzi. Once inside, they lounged together, her back against his chest, hands caressing his thighs as his arms encircled her, his hands cupping her breasts, fingers teasing her nipples. Her nipples had always been a direct pipeline to her pussy, and he knew this, only too well. Soon her moans were audible, her head leaning back against his chest as the feelings welling up within her caused her to involuntarily slide downward in the tub. As his head bent to kiss her full lips, his hand slid down her belly toward her pussy. His fingers slid past her clit, his palm maintaining pressure on it as his fingers slid easily into her. Hooking his fingers the tips pressed against that sensitive area within her, rolling, massaging her from inside. The dual stimulation of her clit and g-spot sent her over the edge again, the water boiling from her contractions and thrusting hips as she came.

Reaching around behind her, she grasped his cock, hard against her back and began stroking him in earnest. As she did, he reached as far as he could, past her pussy, his fingertip massaging her anus. His wrist was pressed against her clit, keeping her on the edge as he slid his finger gently into her, to his first knuckle. She gasped as she had when his tongue had penetrated her, but her stroking of him continued. Bolder now, he slid his finger to the second knuckle. Her reaction this time was to stroke him harder and press her ass tighter against his finger, willing more of him into her. She found if she relaxed, there was no pain, but a unique pleasure she had never experienced before.

Looking around the edge of the tub, along with the usual assortment of bath products, she noticed a tube of lubricant that he had secreted there. Reaching for it, she placed it in his free hand and whispered to him, "I want you to, darling..." The look of joy in his eyes gave her joy, as well. She loved him so much, she would do almost anything for him, and she knew how much he wanted this. His gentleness had eliminated any fear she may have had and she knew he would continue to be gentle and stop at any point she no longer wanted to try. She trusted him completely.

Kneeling along the side of the tub, she exposed herself to him. He generously applied the lubricant to her anus, and also to his fingertips. He slid one finger slowly inside her, testing her resistance. He slid in easily, having been there moments before. Sliding another finger inside her, the resistance was greater, but as she concentrated on relaxing, he was able to have both fingers inside her without much difficulty. He gently slid both fingers in and out of her, spreading them slightly to help relax the sphincter muscle of her ass. After a few minutes of this, her breathing was noticeably deeper and louder, enjoying the new and unique feeling she was experiencing. She realized that this action stimulated that spot inside her that he stimulated when his fingers reached inside her pussy. "Oh, baby, please, I want you inside of me now," she pleaded.

He applied the lubricant to his tremendously hard cock. He'd never had a problem with an erection, but it seemed to him, either from the anticipation of the day, or the excitement of the moment, he was harder than he had ever been in his life. He knelt behind her as she spread her cheeks with her hands, her breasts against the coolness of the tub, placing the tip of his cock against the bud of her ass. Applying a slight pressure, holding his cock in his hand to guide himself, his other hand upon the small of her back, rubbing, massaging that special spot on her spine that always sent shivers through her.

The gasp came from her as the purple head of his cock slipped past her opening. He stopped, not wanting to hurt her, but her response was, "No, don't stop, lover. It didn't hurt, it just feels better than I ever imagined it would."

Encouraged, he pressed his hips closer toward her, slowly entering, half an inch at a time. He couldn't believe how incredibly tight she was, nor that she was enjoying it as she was. She was moaning again, but not in pain. She was moaning the way she did when his fingers were inside her, working what she called, "Their magic." Deeper and deeper he penetrated her, always listening for her cues. When he was halfway in, she said, "Okay, lover...right there. I think that's all I can take this first time. Is that okay?"

How could he respond? He loved this woman, so overwhelmed that she had given this of herself for him. "Of course, darling...God, this feels so incredible, you have no idea."

"Oh, yes, lover, I think I do," she replied, unable to stifle a short giggle. "Now slide that hard rod of yours in and out of me. I want to see what it feels like, baby."

Slowly at first, he withdrew slightly, then slid his erection back up inside of her. As her hips responded to his own and pressed back against him to meet him, his thrusts became faster, always careful not to go too deeply. He found that her backward thrusts were becoming more intense, causing him to go deeper than he had before. Her hand was between her legs, touching herself, reaching back to touch his balls as he penetrated her. "Okay, lover, deeper now...God this feels so good, better than I ever imagined. I think I can take you deeper, please?"

Continuing to thrust into her, his cock went deeper with each stroke. He knew he could not last much longer, and by the sounds she was making, he knew he wouldn't have to. They knew each other so well they could read each other's bodies, each other's breathing, each other's sounds. They knew they were within moments of ecstasy, one with the other. His balls tightened within him as her ass clenched his cock. Crying out in a chorus of pleasure, his cum filled her as hers ran over her fingers down her hand and legs.

He remained inside her, leaning over her, holding her close as the water continued to swirl around them, their breathing returning to normal, until he went flaccid and exited her with an audible 'pop' that neither was expecting, eliciting giggles from both of them. What a combination, they, great sex, and the ability to still laugh and have fun together. A match made in Heaven, some might call it if they were really corny.

Afterward, they bathed each other, lovingly, washing, touching, caressing every part of each other. The rest of the night was spent making love together, in every form imaginable. They had passed the great 'taboo' and were determined to explore every other possible way of pleasing each other.

The next morning, they reserved the room for one more night and both called in sick to work. There was still more exploring to do...and that took precedence over everything.

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