Wondering how the Indians are able to make the perfect Chicken Tikka Masala ? Does the taste of Indian Food and Cuisine baffle you? Are you unable to get that take-away taste in your kebabs, tandoori tikkas and indian curry?

logo1.GIF (17449 bytes) Welcome to Sonzy's Kitchen. Indian Cuisine with its unique blend of spices and diverse styles of cooking of different Indian states has evolved continuously for over 100 years.  

Here, at Sonzy's Kitchen, we attempt to demystify the methods and styles with which Desi-chefs and Indian Moms prepare the food served in India.  

Bon Appetit !

Sonzy, Your host to this journey on discovery of Indian culinary heritage.

Main Dishes/ Snacks  
- Khatte Channe - Punjabi Chickpea Dish to be served with Bhature.  
- Bhatura (bread) : Indian Bread with White Flour.  
- Malai Kofta : Rich Cheese Balls in Tomato Cream  
- Baingan Masala : Brinjals with a difference.  
- Khatta Meetha Paneer : Cheese and Vegetables Saute.  
- Sai Bhaji: Sindhi Breakfast   
- Curd Rice  
- Lazeez Bandh: Cauliflower Dish   
- Fried Rice: The Indian Way  

- Kesar Kulfi : Mughlai Dessert  
- Sandesh : Bengali Tofu Delight.  
- Gajak : After Dinner Toffee !  
- Mango Souffle  
- Kheer : Queen of Creams.  
- Ghiya ki Kheer : with BottleGourd  
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Other Popular Dishes  
- Chicken Tikka Masala (Popular) : Very famous tandoori Chicken tikka sauted with a thick gravy.  
- Jal Jeera : Spicy Cocktail Drink !  
- Boondi Raita : Yummy Yoghurt with Crumbs!  
- Pista Milk : Flavoured Sweetened Milk  
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People have been asking on how to correct the extra salty taste in the curry OR how can they prepare the basmati rice with each grain seperated. Or probably you are not able to find any recipe which you had at your friend's place. Ask anything and I'll be prompt with a response. Thats my way of helping people add that extra rich taste to their mundane, stressed out lifes.   

Nothing better than a Mughlai Indian Curry !

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