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Sai Bhaji - Sindhi Breakfast


400 gm Spinach - Chopped
1 teaspoon of dried methi (if available) - Soaked in water
1/2 teacup Chana dhal - Soaked in water for 15 mins.
4 table spoons of oil
1 small carrot & 1 small potato - Chopped in cubes.
1 green chillie, 2 inch ginger, 2 pieces of garlic - Chopped very finely
3 m edium sized tomatoes.
1 glass of water.


Heat the oil in the pressure cooker. Fry garlic till fragrant. When the color changes to light brown, add the ginger, chillie and onion. After 2 minutes, add the spinach, carrot, potato, tomatoes and dhal. Add a pinch of tumeric & coriander seed powder. Pressurize it for 15 to 20 minutes on a medium flame. Then, remove the cooker from the flame & add salt to taste. Use a Braun Multi quick or similar to mix all the ingredients together.

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